Join our crusade for a world free of plastic


For over 100 years Oppboga Bruk has been producing high quality paper boards from our mill in Fellingsbro, Sweden. Businesses worldwide use our products for display signs, gift cards or packaging of premium products such as high-end food or liquor.

At Oppboga we are challenging industry traditions with creative use of our paper boards to reduce use of environmentally harmful materials. We stay true to our mission to replace plastics used for signs and packaging, because no one can afford to compromise with nature.

Our vision is to produce world class paper boards that meet the needs of modern business without compromising the needs of nature.

Welcome to Oppboga!

We are guided by our Bulldog spirit


At Oppboga we live by our Bulldog spirit. This means just like the Bulldog we are courageous and never give up. The Bulldog is known for many great characteristics such as courage, tenacity and kindness, so it is no coincidence that it has served as the symbol of our mill and workers since the early 20th century.

Many of us working with Oppboga have done so for many years, and some for most of our working life. We survive the ups and downs and are proud to be with a company that has provided jobs in our region for over a century.

Throughout our history, we have delivered world class paper boards to our customers. Our products are appreciated for their high quality and sought out worldwide. Our customers value our ability to deliver what they need, on time.

We never give up on our mission to persuade companies using plastics to switch to our recyclable paper boards. Whenever a producer of signage, gift cards or premium packaging chooses our products over those with plastic materials, we see that as a victory.

Our mission:

to replace plastics with recyclable paper boards