The Bulldog in Business

Independently owned and internationally renowned, Oppboga lead the way when it comes to laminated board for sign & display, framing and luxury packaging applications. We create products which cannot be created on a paper or board machine.

  • High quality products – Developed to the highest standard using our unique production process and the world’s finest cartonboards.

  • Unbeatable service and short lead times – Wide range of products, available in small quantities when you need them.

  • Sustainable products – Solutions which not only help replace plastic, but also reduce costs across the supply chain.

Sign & Display

We know what is important for producers of hanging signs, point of sale displays and retail signage. Join the leading global player in sign and display board.

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Premium Packaging

We help you stand out from the crowd. We offer a wide range of laminated boards developed to take your product packaging to new heights.

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Archive Packaging

Bespoke solutions developed for long term archive packaging. Woodfree, acid free and resistant to aging in accordance with ISO 9706.

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We are a large producer of laminated woodpulp board, often used as a mounting board or backing board in the framing industry.

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The sustainable alternative to plastic

Stop using plastic for sign and display!

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Based in Sweden, 175 kilometres from Stockholm, Oppboga is a board to board laminator of the highest standard. Using the worlds finest cartonboards as base material, we create new products which cannot be created on a paper or board machine. Put simply, our product range starts where paper and board machines stop.

Oppboga is world renowned for the supply of premium display board to the sign and display sector. For many years our product Excellent has been recognised as the market leader when it comes to temporary indoor signage. For temporary external signage, our new Outdoor board is providing a genuine sustainable alternative to plastic as we continue to lead the industry from the front.

At the same time, we are a growing player in the luxury packaging market with a particular focus on premium spirits and alcoholic drinks.

Oppboga is the name of the town where the company is based. Production started on this site in 1901 and continues there to this day.

The association between Oppboga and the British Bulldog go back a long way. In 1911, Mr Tibell, Managing Director of Oppboga at the time and owner of a British Bulldog, decided the Bulldog should become the Oppboga logo. Ever since that time, the British Bulldog has been the logo of Oppboga. Even today, the ‘Bulldog spirit’ remains strong in the organisation, as we deliver environmentally friendly fibre based solutions to replace plastic substrates in the packaging and POS retail sectors.

Under each product in Sign & Display and Premium Packaging you will find a product rating, such as Whiteness, Printability, Flatness etc. This gives you a quick guide to help narrow your options and select the product which suits your needs.

Quality – With more than 100 years’ production experience combined with our unique manufacturing process, we can ensure product quality (in particular flatness) which simply cannot be achieved by others.

Service – We pride ourselves on offering unbeatable service with a wide range of products, available in small minimum order quantities and a short lead time.

Sustainable alternatives to plastic – We are constantly looking for solutions to help solve our customers unmet needs. One key area of focus is offering sustainable alternatives to plastic substrates for print.

There is a growing global concern over the usage of plastic, particularly for short term use. For the sign and display market, we can offer FSC certified recyclable alternatives to PVC, styrene and fluted polypropylene which not only help the environment, but also reduce costs across the supply chain.

We hold deep stocks to ensure your order arrives when you need it.

We have distribution partners across Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

“Oppboga are a highly valued supplier of ours who never fail to deliver on both high quality and service. They are a pleasure to work with.”

PPB Ltd. (United Kingdom)

“Swanline Paper and Board are 100 % committed in working in partnership with Oppboga in developing and delivering truly environmental fibre based solutions in replacing the use of plastic.”

Swanline Paper and Board (United Kingdom)

“The flattest display board around – been buying this for over 30 years and it’s still the best.”

Peters Papers (South Africa)