Privacy Policy


A few introductory words about the transition to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A new regulation will be implemented across the EU on 25 May 2018. Its purpose is to improve your ability to decide how businesses and other organizations may use data about you and the data that is generated when, for example, you use their services or products.

We are dedicated to complete transparency about how your information is used – and the objective of this page is to detail how we intend to accomplish this.

What do we mean by “personal data”?

Put simply, personal data concern information that directly or indirectly – by means of supplementary information – can be linked to a physical person. This means that quite a lot of different kinds of data can be classified as personal data. For example, an IP address might be described as a piece of personal data.

Oppboga Bruk AB’S existing customers?

Oppboga Bruk AB will process personal data only if such processing is determined to be relevant and critical for providing the contracted services. You, the customer, have the option and are entitled to decide not to provide Oppboga Bruk AB with certain specific personal data. This might affect the experience and use of the service we provide. Other relevant purposes and objectives for which Oppboga Bruk AB processes personal data include:

  • Case Management Service Desk/Customer Services. This use relates to contract performance and pertains to our need for your data, in order to be able to provide you with the best possible service as our customer.

  • Purchases of products and services from Oppboga Bruk AB. This use relates to contract performance and our need for your data for the purpose of handling order confirmations, shipping, and invoicing.

  • Customer insight through surveys. Your opinion about how we handle our commitments is important to us. And that is why we conduct customer surveys. That is what is known in the GDPR as a “legitimate interest.”

  • Newsletters. We would like to share important news about, for example, new product launches or other improvements that we believe will benefit you. This is referred to as consent-related processing and you may choose to discontinue such types of communication at any time.

Contact related to privacy questions. For questions and concerns, please contact your customer service representative first.

Oppboga Bruk AB’s website

Responsibilities of personal data controller

Mitt AB acts as Oppboga Bruk AB's controller of personal data for The duties and responsibilities of a personal data controller entails a duty to ensure that you, as a visitor, are aware that we are collecting your personal data and how we do it – but also why. The data controller also make sure that you are able to request to have your data revised, limit how we use your data, have data we have about you deleted, or exercise the right to be completely deleted from our system. We will not share your data with third parties without your personal approval.

Why do we collect your data?

Oppboga Bruk AB will save and use the personal data described above to perform our obligations, to improve and customise our products and services to meet your needs, to collect statistics about you, and for website development purposes. If we, for example, notice that a lot of people are visiting a specific page, we can conclude that many find the page interesting and we can manage our content accordingly. Another example would be if we notice that many people are clicking on a specific topic in our emailed mailings or download a certain type of guide.  That might suggest that we should write more about the topic or customise our services accordingly.

We are also using the information for marketing purposes to inform you about our products and services and to issue recommendations, information and news that we – based on our knowledge of you – have determined that you might want or have an interest in. You may request that we change your data, access your data, or request that we remove you completely from our databases at any time. For that, you can click the link “Cancel subscription” in e-mails from us.

Which data are collected?

Depending on how you get into contact with Oppboga Bruk AB, your personal data may fall into one of the categories listed below:

  • Contact data such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, company name, and free text entered into a “message box”;

  • User information about how you use our website and our services. Such information can include IP addresses, types of device, and web browsers as well as information about how you interact with our website, e.g. which pages you are visiting; and

  • Other information that we receive from you through your contact with us.

For your information: Personal Information that enables us to identify you or other sensitive information that you provide via Oppboga Bruk AB's open forums or other open communication channels, such as direct messages in social media, may be read and collected by others. For example, if you write a comment on our LinkedIn page and provide information for sharing with multiple people.

How are data collected?

Data that you choose to share by means of forms or cookies

The most common way for us to obtain data about you is if you decide to share them in a form. For example, we provide recommendations, customer cases, and in some cases webinars and events and other content where we request certain data. You can always request later to have data changed, to access your data, or to have your data completely erased from our databases. 

We also collect data by means of so-called “cookies.” Essentially, a cookie is a text file that is saved to your hard drive. Most often, the purpose of such cookies is to improve the user’s website experience by, for example, automatically customising a website to what the user needs and wants.

Among other things, cookies enable our webserver to recognise you automatically and to produce the data that you registered earlier so that you do not have to provide them again. It is a time-saving measure and it improves functionality and provides for a smoother user experience.

Cookies for web statistics

In order to be able to understand and analyse how visitors interact with our website, we are using the tool Google Analytics. The list below enumerates the cookies that places for just Google Analytics:

  • _ga – collects information about the visitors; which pages are visited and for how long; how the visitor arrived at the page; and if the visitor has been here before. This cookie expires after 2 years.

  • _gid – collects information from the visitor about him or her and is used to distinguish between users. This cookie expires after 24 hours.

  • _gat – is used to limit the number of requests that may be submitted within a certain time. This cookie expires after 10 minutes.

The information that Google Analytics cookies generate are saved to Google’s servers; your IP address will be truncated before it is written to disk. We are using these cookies to better understand how our website is used so that we can improve it. The information is used also for marketing purposes with Google Ads Google may transfer all this information to a third party if legally required to do so or in case a third party is processing the information on Google’s behalf.

What to do if you do not wish to have your visits to appear in the statistics?

If you do not want your visits to appear in the statistics, you can install a browser extension.  The web extension is available for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Opera. The extension is available from Google (information in English).

Contact based on a legitimate interest

You may appear in our marketing register based on your professional role and/or the employer you represent. The processing of your contact data is based on what the GDPR refers to as a “legitimate interest.” This means that, in our determination, there is a reciprocal interest/need for us to offer you our products and services and that justifies our collection and the saving of your data. Your contact data will be obtained from publicly available sources as a result of this consideration of interests. We will use your information to contact you via email. It is easy to unsubscribe from further mailings, decide which kinds of information you want, or you can simply ask us to erase your data completely from our databases. We see no value in sending you unwanted information. You can simply unsubscribe via a link in our e-mails or contact us here.

We are using WordPress to manage our website and marketing.

Information security

Oppboga Bruk AB always approaches information security critically and we take care in processing your personal data securely. We handle all information in accordance with established security standards and procedures to prevent unauthorised access, changes, dissemination, and deletion.

Policy revisions

The privacy policy may be changed in the future if, for example, changes are required or in case of legislative reforms. We therefore recommend that you read our terms and condition regularly for updates and always consult the most recent version.