Andrew Robinson, Managing Director

“Our customers are modern businesses that value our ability to deliver what they need. With the right quality and on time. And without compromising with the needs of nature.”

Andrew joined Oppboga in 2015. He previously held the role as International Sales Manager at Tullis Russel in the UK.



Richard Axén, CFO

“Working at Oppboga means participating in the war against use of harmful plastics. We are proud of being a challenger to our industry traditions.”

Richard Axén is an experienced financial director that has worked at Oppboga since 2005.



Susanne Åhlström Dahl, Supply Chain Manager

“Service may mean different things in different companies. For us service is pretty basic. The customer should get what he needs and when he needs it.”

Susanne Åhlström Dahl came to Oppboga in 2017. She has more than 30 years of experience from the manufacturing industry. Her most recent position before joining Oppboga was Plant Manager at Nordkalk AB.