Our impact


Our vision is to produce world class paper boards that meets the needs of the modern business without compromising with needs of nature.



At Oppboga we have but one mission: to allow producers of display signs and product packaging to make choices based on their short terms needs, without being forced to compromise on their environmental impact.    

Plastic pollution poses an increasing threat to both nature and the human race. Since 1950 around 6.3 billion tonnes of plastics have been produced with only one fifth of this having been recycled or incinerated. The rest is left for nature to take care of on it’s own.

We do not claim that we have the solution to all climate challenges, but we do believe that we can do something to prevent the current negative trend. 

We have produced laminated paper boards for more than a century. We bring you products produced from sustainable raw materials: recyclable and safe to use.

We do not use any hazardous chemicals or any products that have an adverse impact on the environment. We offer FSC certified recyclable alternatives to PVC, styrene and fluted polypropylene which not only help the environment but also reduce costs across the supply chain.

Oppboga Bruk AB is FSC® certified FSC-C016680 and has been since June 2009.