About us

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This is Oppboga

We supply world famous brands with our famous paperboards for printed communication, framing and packaging.

High quality products, unbeatable service with short lead times and sustainable alternatives to plastic are the three cornerstones on which our philosophy rests.

Through a continuous dialogue with our customers, we challenge existing standards to identify unmet needs in our areas of shared interest: quality, service and environment. All the experience we have gained over the years is combined with market-driven product development.

More than 100 years of paperboard know-how
Founded in 1901 as a saw mill, Oppboga has produced board since 1911. Every Oppboga delivery is accompanied by more than 100 years of specialist knowledge. This experience, combined with our unique lamination process, ensures you receive a consistency of product which simply cannot be achieved by others.

The Bulldog Spirit
In 1911, Mr. Tibell, Managing Director of Oppboga at the time and owner of a British Bulldog, decided the Bulldog should become the Oppboga logo and it has been present in our identity ever since. Whilst that was more than 100 years ago, today the ‘Bulldog spirit’ remains strong in the organisation as we continue to lead the industry through innovation.

Why Oppboga?

Our focus is you
Our business model is built to create flexibility and offer short lead times in the production and delivery of laminated boards. In short, this ensures you get the right product available at the right time.

We are a natural choice
As many parts of the world start to question their relationship with plastic, Oppboga is already providing innovative answers for those involved in sign & display, gift cards and premium packaging. This allows brandholders and printers to make the ‘right’ choice whilst reducing costs across the supply chain.

Environmental responsibility 
We bring you products produced from sustainable raw materials – recyclable and safe to use. We do not use any hazardous chemicals and we shall not use any products that have an adverse impact on the environment.

We have the certificate to prove it
Oppboga Bruk AB is FSC certified and has been since June 2009.